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  • The myth of eternal beauty

    Our family-owned company La Vivana was founded in the Alpine region of Northern Italy, an area defined by its unspoiled natural landscape. 

    In this sheltered territory, an ancient tale tells of the Vivana fairies, mythical creatures of extraordinary beauty and everlasting youth, living in harmony with nature.

    Johanna Pichler's belief that beauty and health arise from a life in accordance with nature was put into action when she founded La Vivana with the aim to create naturally pure yet efficient cosmetic products. 

    Inspired by the myth of eternal beauty, our team of scientists has been researching intensively to make this immaculate pureness accessible to all women.

  • The precious secrets of beautiful skin

    The combination of natural ingredients with the cosmetic industry’s most up-to-date technological achievements is the key to La Vivana’s incomparable and guaranteed efficacy.

    Our team of top-level scientists is committed to developing innovative formulae that maximize health and beauty benefits of selected primary products.

    By uniting the cellular information of genuine alpine flora with the most recent accomplishments of cosmetic research, we were able to create the groundbreaking Age-Antagonizer-Technology-Complex (AATC)®, an active agent complex scientifically adapted to the needs of sensitive skin.

    This unique and innovative approach enables us to resign from using parabens, paraffins, PEGs, silicones, or synthetic coloring agents.

  • A responsible use of natural ingredients

    To guarantee maximum efficiency and skin tolerance, all substances contained in La Vivana’s cosmetic products undergo rigorous quality tests and clinical trials, including allergy and tolerance tests.

    By handling natural agents with discernment and resigning from the use of harmful preservatives and allergens, we create cosmetic care products of genuine value.

    We not only strictly observe the European Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) guidelines, but are committed to creating a range of cosmetic products that enhance natural beauty as well as protect and revitalize your skin.

  • La Vivana vouches for the beauty and rejuvenation of your skin

    Carefully selected ingredients and innovative formulae guarantee for tangible results.

    Thanks to research and production in modern, controlled laboratories we guarantee for effective and valuable skin care products.

    As we resign from using potentially harmful ingredients such as parabens, paraffins, polyethylene glycols, silicone, synthetic color additives or crude oil derivatives, skin respiration and tolerance are maintained and fostered.