• The myth of eternal beauty

    For many centuries, the legend of the La Vivana fairies has been told in the villages at the foot of the Alps. These mythical magical boast an overwhelming beauty, eternal youth and live in perfect harmony with nature.

    The myth of eternal beauty inspired our developers to examine its essence and untouched purity and make it accessible to all women. After many years of intensive research, we succeeded in discovering the precious secrets of beautiful skin. Thus, a myth becomes reality.

    The combination of active plant ingredients found in unspoiled nature with the findings of the latest research has enabled us to create the new AATC complex (Age Antagonizer Technology Complex)® which is scientifically suited to your skin’s needs. Enjoy outstanding beauty care from the purity of luxurious diamonds and rare Edelweiss.

    Due to a responsible use of natural active ingredients and production that is subject to ongoing controls, we have created precious skin care cosmetics of the highest quality. La Vivana maintains the beauty of your skin, increases its resistance and visibly rejuvenates it

  • La Vivana goes Crazy Horse!

    By sponsoring “Le Crazy Horse’s” Forever Crazy World Tour, La Vivana takes a step into the world famous celebration of femininity through breathtaking stage shows.

    Founded in 1951 by Alain Bernardin in Paris’ Golden Triangle, today “Le Crazy Horse” is the only international stage to create tailor-made, seductively inspired stage entertainment. The show combines creativity & audacity in a choreography performed by enchanting unveiled danseuses, who are not afraid to show more than just a hint of skin.

    La Vivana is proud to be part of the Crazy Horse’s tribute to femininity, beauty and pure female persuasiveness, by sponsoring the Forever Crazy World Tour’s stop at Hong Kong this upcoming September.

    La Vivana’s first sponsored spectacular will be breathtaking, as over the past 60 years, “Le Crazy Horse’s” various shows have seduced over 15 million passionate spectators, including illustrious names such as Elvis Presley, Elizabeth Taylor, John F. Kennedy, Madonna and many more.

    Get ready for this highlight of exquisite stage entertainment sponsored by La Vivana: September 11th - 19th in Hong Kong’s Lyric Theatre. Information and bookings: www.uepl.com.hk

  • La Vivana, pioneer of natural beauty

    What was your motivation to launch La Vivana?

    JP: I was researching the cosmetic market in Europe and around the world when I realized that most producers of cosmetics rely either on innovative technologies or on natural ingredients in their products. I noticed that most cosmetic companies focused either on producing on the highest technological level or on producing in a very tolerable, natural way. To me it didn't seem fair that women should have to choose between one or the other. Why not combine both in order to achieve the best possible result? Why not produce cosmetic products that give women the opportunity to have up-to-date, scientifically researched technologies and the most pure and natural ingredients in one product?

    Why choose the Alps as production site of cosmetic products?

    JP: We are surrounded by beautiful landscapes: The wide, fertile valleys and the high, rocky peaks taught generations of people to live in unison with nature. In this region, people acknowledge the importance of a harmonious relationship between man and nature. Combining this awareness for the environment with the locals' inherent determination creates the ideal starting position for any company.

    So, you want to help women look better? Why even bother?

    JP: It's about so much more than just about improving your personal appearance! It's about the beauty of an individual; and that is absolutely worth bothering about: Everyone has their own unique look and is beautiful in their very own, individual way. No matter what their individual features are, all women have something in common: an unspoiled natural purity as well as the ability to shine. Our products beautify each woman’s individual complexion without changing her outstanding personality, simply by nourishing her skin and allowing her unique pristine radiance to show.

    What is your perception of beauty?

    JP: They say “Beauty is in the eye of the beholder.” And each individual seems to be their own most unforgiving beholder, so you yourself are your own harshest critic. I believe real beauty comes from the way we see ourselves: The understanding of our own individual beauty defines beauty as such.